Lady Lenore Reiss never fit in well inside a city. Even as a little girl she preferred the company of horses to her boorish family and their friends. Born into privilege in Altdorf, she fled as soon as she was able, abandoning a gigantic dowry and the promise of a life of leisure. She joined a gang of rough outriders, who were little interested in letting a woman into their ranks. She earned their respect the only way she could – by showing them she could handle herself. Since then, she's become something of a folk hero – the legendary Lady Lenore of the Wilderland.[1a]

Lenore usually wears a shapeless grey cloak, hood, and mask. There is a reason for this garb – Lenore is stunningly beautiful. She hates to be judged by appearances and so the mask and hood cover her features and long golden tresses quite well. Although she works as an outrider and caravan guide to earn money, she views herself as a defender of the people. Several times she has organised groups of her fellow outriders to ride down bandits and beasts preying on defenceless farmers and townsfolk. This has only reinforced her status as a hero of the people. Unfortunately, it has also made enemies. The local constabulary and nobility do not appreciate Lenore's popularity among the peasantry. They wonder what she plans to do with this influence she appears to be gathering. They worry that the next 'monster' she may be hunting may be them.[1a]


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