At the edge of the Haunted Hills by the source of the Black Run River, Leicheberg lives in fear of its neighbour to the east, Sylvania. Its ruler, Count Petr von Stolpe, has faced the Walking Dead many times in his life and is convinced the von Carsteins mean to expand beyond their ancient borders. He has argued many times at the court in Wurtbad for a campaign to cleanse Sylvania, but to no effect. He maintains a strong force to defend his lands, and witch hunters and vampire hunters are welcome at his court. A devotee of Morr, his donations have funded the construction of a far larger temple and Garden of Morr than the size of the town would require, for the Count feels it is his obligation to ensure proper burials for all who die in his demesne. The Count’s greatest fear is that, now that von Carstein has raised his army, he will finally move against Leicheberg, and no one will come to von Stolpe’s aid.[1a][1b][1c]


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