"You find something funny, sir elf? You find all of these deaths cause for happiness? I had heard elves were cruel, my friend, but I had not thought to find you to be an example of that."
Lieber, to Tyrion after a fight with a Stegadon.[1a]

Leiber was a ship-wrecked sailor from the Old World, having spent much of his life looking for gold and treasure amid the ruins of the Slann cities. In 2273 IC (XI, 110) he was hired by Tyrion and Teclis of Ulthuan to act as a guide for the twin elves' expedition into Lustria, the Human having claimed to know where the lost city of Zultec lay.[1a]

Originally from Marienburg, Leiber looked like a lunatic: tall, emaciated, with madness glittering in his bright blue eyes. His long hair was thinning on top, and drawn back into a dirty blond ponytail at the back. A moustache that reminded Tyrion of a rat's whiskers dropped down past his chin and gave his whole face a mournful air of defeat. Tyrion found the man's voice a harsh croak well suited to his gutteral native speech of Reikspiel. "So unlike the liquid tongue of the Elves."[1a]

Despite the loss of the many Norscans (and their thralls) hired from Skeggi to act as baggage train and muscle, Leiber proved unwavering in his pursuit of Zultec. Indeed, he was just as obsessed as the twins were to locate the lost city. For them, it was in hopes of finding the final resting place of Sunfang, the sword of their ancestor Aenarion that Caledor Dragontamer himself had forged millennia ago. For the Marienburger, Zultec represented a trove of gold and mystical secrets that he hoped would let him reclaim the ancestral lands he had lost back across the ocean. Leiber claimed to have penetrated the very heart of the city once and to have spent the past few years trying to find his way back.[1a]

In all fairness, Leiber had never lied or made any bones about the difficulty of finding Zultec. He had been perfectly open about how hard it would be. He had merely claimed that given time the expedition would find it.[1a]


  • When first Leiber had entered Zultec, he claimed that the Lizardmen killed everyone but him with poison darts and stone axes. He remembers one of the group, the Estalian John Argentes, having gone inside the central pyramid, never to be seen again. It was allegedly Argentes who last wielded Sunfang.[1a]
  • It took Leiber months to find his way back to Skeggi, having only escaped by throwing away all his gear.[1a]
  • Leiber led the way to Zultec by leading the expedition west of Skeggi, till they reached a stream within the jungle. From there, they traveled north, the Marienburger claiming they'd find it eventually in that direction.[1a]
  • When he smiles, Leiber shows his missing teeth and blackened stumps.[1b]


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