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"Ignominious defeat at perfidious Skaven hands has only strengthened the already-steely resolve of Chaqua's surviving Saurus"
Description of the Legion of Chaqua[1]

The Legion of Chaqua are a regiment of surviving Saurus Spears from the Temple-City of Chaqua, which fell long ago to the plagues of the Skaven Clan Pestilens during their attempt to conquer Lustria. [1]


At the beginning of Clan Pestilens' invasion of Lustria, Chaqua, the City of Gold, was infected by the ratmen's plague from captive Skaven. The temple-city was soon fully in the grip of a plague so terrible it cost the city's Slann Mage-Priests their lifes. Tehenhauin a Skink Priest who had become convinced of the coming of the Serpent God Sotek who would deliver them from the invaders, took over leadership of the survivors and lead them in an exodus from the city, guiding them as part of his Red Host of Sotek to wage war against the Skaven.[2]

While most of the Lizardmen who escaped Chaqua were Skinks of Red Crested Skinks, the surviving Saurus Warriors of the Ciry of Gold joined together in one regiment of Saurus Spears, the Legion of Chaqua. Before leaving their home they took with them the Shield of Chaqua, an ancient golden screen - as old as the fabled golden city of the Lizardmen - which protects the Legion and their close allies against missile weapons. The destruction of their home at the hands of the Skaven has done nothing but strengthened the golden-clad Legion's resolve.[1]


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