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The Legion of Azgorh marches to war

The Legion of Azgorh are the Chaos Dwarf forces that garrison the bleak and foreboding Black Fortress in the southern Dark Lands.[1c] The duty of this potent army of Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblin slave-soldiers is to raid across the River Ruin and patrol the savage wastes of the surrounding regions to maintain the Chaos Dwarfs' tentative dominion over the deadly, monster-plagued expanse.[1b]


The Legion is a mighty standing army which ranges across the desolation of the southern Dark Lands, escorts the far-flung slave caravans through the Howling Wastes and stands as a bulwark against frequent invasions of Ogres, Orcs and worse from the east. Even among their own kind, the warriors of the Black Fortress are renowned for their brutality and warlike nature, and far removed as it is from Zharr-Naggrund and the favour of the great temple it is often a place of internal exile for those who have suffered in the savage politics of the empire.[1a]

The hellish caverns deep beneath the Black Fortress are also home to the Infernal Guard - a cult of disgraced warriors enslaved to the master of the Black Fortress who must redeem themselves in the eyes of Hashut and the Dhrath-Zharr or die in the attempt.[1a]

For many centuries the lord of the Black Fortress and commander of the Legion has been the Sorcerer-Prophet Drazhoath the Ashen, a bitter rival of Lord Astragoth, feared and respected in equal measure by the Chaos Dwarfs bound to his service as a ruthless general and powerful wielder of Hashut's sacred fire.[1a]

It was this army of black iron, shot and sinew that confronted Tamurkhan's great horde on the blasted crossing ground, and divisions of which would later accompany the Maggot Lord in his attack on the Empire.[1c]

Known Lords


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