Leblya is one of the largest settlements in the Troll Country and probably the most significant as it is often designated as a mustering or fall-back point for the pulk. As a result, almost anyone raised in the Troll Country knows how to get there, which makes it good as a general meeting point.[1a]

The stanitsa is built around an old Scythian mound, and the settlement’s zal, or main meeting hall, is built atop the mound. The rest of the buildings are between the mound and the stockade and, thus, receive some shelter from the weather. Leblya was attacked several times during the Storm of Chaos but never fell. Its ataman, Sevhim, is very proud of this, though now he talks about the Empire demilancers who came to relieve his stanitsa, a slight distortion of the facts.[1a]


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