"These are my people. They look up to me like an uncle. So I take care of them, offer them advice and favours when needed, and protect them from the sharks that run this city. It also means that I keep them in line, so they don't hurt themselves or each other."
Lea-Jan Cobbius, Master of the Honourable Guild of Stevedores and Teamsters[1a]

Lea-Jan Cobbius

Lea-Jan Cobbius is tough, arrogant and brutal. A sharp negotiator, he has made the Merchant Houses realize that to get anything done on the docks, they have to go through him. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him and ruthless with those who aren't. He deeply loves Suiddock and its people.[1a]

Cobbius has some link to Granny Hetta - he occasionally passes money to her through his bodyguard, Big Piet, and has been known to arrange "accidents" for anyone who hurts her. He has clandestine contacts with most of the Directorate and the Exarch of Sith Rionnasc. He regularly deals with Adalbert Henschmann, who controls all the rackets on Suiddock not run by the Stevedores. Brother Albertus of St Rutha's is his brother, though the two haven't spoken in years.[1a]

Guildmaster Cobbius can be a source of muscle to adventurers who have proved themselves to him, with one condition - that such help never be used to harm the people of Suiddock.[1a]


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