Duke Laroche of Mousillon, was one of the hallowed Grail Knights and successor to the mighty Landuin as Duke of Mousillon.


Laroche was one of the founders of Mousillon, a man whose family dated back to the very settling of Bretonnia during the times of Gilles le Breton. Clad in shining armour, Laroche was a great knight, having personally repelled Orc invaders from his castle walls and winning the famed Tourney of Couronne, claiming a magical silver helmet from the Fay Enchantress herself. When he set off to quest for the Grail, he drove forth the foul Beastmen from the hallowed woods of Lapelle and founded the great Grail Chapel of Mousillon. He then spent a long, solitary vigil upon the Grey Mountains, during which the Lady of the Lake finally guided him to one of the Grail's resting places.[1]

He became renowned as a shining example of the true Bretonnian knight. Records told of a man who was pure and holy, pious in every way, noble to his servants and his peers. His humility had been near-legendary in his time and his ultimate sacrifice, saving the queen's life from a traitor's blade, had been a glorious end to a glorious life. Laroche was buried in a grand tomb, replete with tapestries depicting his heroic deeds.[1]

Centuries later, a young knight by the name of Tybalt received a vision from the holy spirit of the Duke. A dreaded Necromancer was threatening the lands of Bretonnia. Laroche guided the young knight to the foul sorcerer's lair and bade him to take his ancient silver helm for protection. Indeed, the Knight would have perished instantly under the Necromancer's powers had it not been for Laroche's blessed helm. With this protection, Tybalt was able to slay the Necromancer and save Bretonnia from his dark schemes.[1]


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