The Lantern Worm is an intelligent carnivore with a unique method of attracting prey. In truth a centipede rather than a worm, it attaches its pitch-black carapace to the roof of tunnels using its hundreds of hooked legs. From this position, a single long antenna hangs from its head, the end of which glows brightly and appears, from a distance, to be a mining lantern. As soon as a creature comes into the light, the creature drops from above, ensnaring its meal in its twenty-foot long body. To aid the illusion, Lantern Worms steal or destroy any other light sources they find and then position themselves in the same spot, making them a common bugbear of miners and engineers. Skaven, having little need for lanterns, can typically avoid these creatures, but have been known to lead pursuers into Worm-infested areas.[1a][1b]


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