Bretonnian Lances.[4]

The Lance is a heavy long spear, usually with an oak shaft and steel point.


To wield, a mounted warrior positions the butt of the lance under his arm and spurs his horse to charge into his enemy, bracing himself with stirrups to keep him in the saddle on impact. Capable of punching through armour and knocking foes to the ground, the lance would be popular if it were more common and affordable. Given its price—though it is by no means as expensive as a blunderbuss—and its availability, lances are relegated to use by knights and wealthy warriors throughout the Empire and Bretonnia.[2a][4]

The lance was developed by the Taleutens, a pre-Imperial tribe. Previously, cavalrymen had only wielded spears over their shoulders. However, the Taleutens created the technique of couching a lance under the arm. The technology was spread to the other founding tribes at the First Battle of Black Fire Pass. Before this climactic encounter, Sigmar ordered that all of his horsemen be taught the couching technique.[3a]

Bretonnian knights have become so skilful with the lance, that they can hit a target the size of a Damsel's bracelet while charging at full tilt. When utilising the wedge-shaped Lance Formation, they are capable of breaking apart even the legendary battle lines of the Dwarfs.[5]


  • A Bretonnian Lance


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