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"By the will of the Lady of the Lake, beneficent deity of all Bretonnia, by lance and by sword, are the lands of the King kept safe from Greenskins and the mutant Beastmen of the darkling forests, from malicious Daemons and the walking dead..."
The Goddess of Bretonnia.[3]

The Lady of the Lake.

The Lady of the Lake, also known as the Lady du Lac, the Divine Damsel or simply the Lady, is the regional goddess of Bretonnia, revered throughout its lands but barely known beyond. She stands for purity, nobility, and courage in the face of danger. She is the ideal lady, everything a knight should love and strive to serve.

Goddess of Bretonnia

"The Lady, though we owe her all, is ever fickle. 'Tis only to Bretonnians that she does appear, and yet to Bretonnians she will also withhold her grace, should they ever err or stumble on the path. Such is her unfaltering way."
Louen Leoncoeur, King of Bretonnia, Grail Knight.[5]

Nine centuries after the reign of Sigmar and the formation of the Empire, the Lady of the Lake chose the forefathers of Bretonnia, the Bretonni, to serve a greater purpose.[1]

They alone amongst Humanity were deemed worthy to serve her cause. She drew them up from a tribe of primitive horsemen, and gave them nobility and honour rivalled only by that of the High Elves.[1]

In the minds of many knights, the Lady is Bretonnia, in a mystical sense. Unlike virtually all other gods of the Old World, the Lady is encountered by her mortal worshippers in this world. All Grail Knights met her at the climax of their quest, and the Grail Damsels are also said to be initiated by the Lady herself, though they speak very little of it.[2]

As a result, when the Lady is portrayed, she is portrayed consistently: a young woman of great and somewhat unworldly beauty, clothed in white, with a narrow golden fillet holding a white veil on her head. In one hand, she holds the Grail.[2]

The most prominent difference between the Cult of the Lady and the other religious orders of the Old World is that the Lady has no Priests or Initiates. Instead, she is served by the Grail Knights - the flower of Bretonnian chivalry - and the Grail Damsels, women taken from their families as children and raised by the Fay Enchantress to serve the Lady with mysterious powers.[2]

The Lady is concerned with protecting Bretonnia, working through its knights to do so. Their courage and martial skill protect the land from external foes, whilst their nobility and chivalry ensure that the land enjoys internal peace and justice. She seems not to concern herself directly with peasants in any way, though many seek to share in her divine blessing by serving a Grail Knight.[2]


  • The Lady of the Lake is based on the character of the same name from Arthurian legend. Also known as "Nimue," she plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving Arthur the legendary sword "Excalibur", enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father.



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