A depiction of Kurnous.

Kurnous High Elf Symbol

High Elf symbol of Kurnous.

Kurnous is the God of the Hunt, and the lord of wild places. All Elves venerate him, for he is the husband of Isha, and the father of their race, but none do so more than the Wood Elves, who believe that it is only they that live the existence of which Kurnous would approve. Kurnous requires that a hunter never kills animals for sport, but slays only ravening beasts or those whose bounty of meat and hide are necessary for survival. Violating this creed is dangerous the world over, for Kurnous is a vengeful deity, but it is never more foolish than when in Athel Loren.[1a]


Kurnous the Hunter is the lord of both forest and beasts; the spirit of the untouched forests, wild animals and trackless wilderness. He is the husband of Isha, and all Elves are his children. Wherever Kurnous travels, he is followed by a pack of baying hounds, and when he sounds his horn the Wild Hunt follows him, their hearts filled with unrestrained joy.[2a]

All hunters venerate Kurnous, for he watches over them in the wilds. He requires that a hunter never kill animals for sport, but slay only dangerous beasts, and hunts only enough game to eat. To offend Kurnous is to invite disaster, for his vengeance is swift and brutal. Those that transgress his laws are well served not to enter those places where the natural world is at its wildest; few that do so emerge from the untamed lands, and those that do escape are invariably ashen-faced, scarred and silent for the remainder of their lives.[2a]

Ellyrion is considered by many to be Kurnous' chosen kingdom in Ulthuan, for its wide plains and dense forests are home to many wild beasts against which a hunter can test his skill. Many a hollow conceals an altar of horn, bone, and briar where Kurnous' adherents make their observances away from the prying eyes of more civilized Elves. Sometimes, the wind on plains carries the echo of the Hunter God's horn. If heard at dawn, it is considered to be a good omen for that day's hunt. If heard at dusk, it is Kurnous' warning that evil stalks the land, and that all hunters must ready their bows for two-legged prey.[2a]


  • On Ulthuan, while many see Ellyrion as Kurnous' chosen kingdom, the Shrine of Kurnous is noted as being squarely inside the outer kingdom of Chrace, as seen on the 8th Edition map of the continent.[2a]


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