Kurgan Ironbeard

King Kurgan unleashes the fury of his forefathers.

Kurgan Ironbeard was the High King of the Dwarfs and ruler of Karaz-a-Karak during the time of Sigmar and the founding of the Empire of Man.


In the year -15 IC, King Ironbeard was captured by a party of marauding Greenskins and rescued by the young prince Sigmar, and gifted the warhammer Ghal Maraz to him in thanks. Subsequently, Kurgan made treaties of friendship and trade with the Unberogns which helped them to grow in strength and prosperity, uniting the tribes of man under their leadership. At the Battle of Black Fire Pass, Kurgan led the Dwarf forces alongside the united twelve tribes of men under Sigmar's command against a massive army of Greenskins.


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