"The oldest and wisest are their kind's natural leaders on the field of battle."
The Kroxigor Ancients.[1]

Kroxigor Ancients are the oldest and wisest of their hulking species.


Kroxigor Ancients are the longest-lived, wisest examples of their kind, who therefore gravitate naturally into leadership positions on the battlefield. Some would call it fortune, others evidence of a sixth sense or even race memory, but this most powerful of creatures can always be found at the right place at the right time, and often at the eleventh hour, howling while they charge into the enemy's ranks, their musclebound limbs sending the foe flying in all directions, their enormous jaws making short work - and a light meal - of any unfortunate combatant, friendly or otherwise, trapped between them as the battle rages.[1]

Famous Kroxigor Ancients


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