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Kraka Drak, which means "Dragon Hold" in Khazalid, was the former capital of the Norse Dwarfs and the last Great King Silverbeard. Kraka Drak was completely destroyed during the War in the Mountains (2302-2390) by the Chaos Hordes under Valmir Aesling.[2a][3a]

Before its destruction Kraka Drak was the largest and wealthiest of the Norse Dwarfholds. Kraka Drak sat on the largest iron, silver, and sapphire deposits in Norsca. The nearby coast is also blessed with an abundance of amber. The small harbour at Sjoktraken on Draksfjord gave easy access to the Sea of Claws via Ungruvalk.[1a]

Canon conflict

Both the Great War Against Chaos and the Battle of Icicle Pass took place in 2302 IC. It appears unlikely that Kraka Drak managed to send an army to help save Kislev and then go on to reestablish ties with the rest of the Karaz Ankor[4a][4b] while being under a decades-long underground siege by Valmir Aesling.[2a][3a] This could be a mistake by Games Workshop.


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