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Kragg the Grim.

Kragg the Grim is the Master Runelord of Karaz-a-Karak.


Kragg is the oldest and by far the most powerful living Runesmith - a gnarled old Dwarf, strong and enduring as a weather-beaten oak. Despite being more than 1,000 years old, his expression is one of eternal disapproval, his beetling brow and granite-like face a withering condemnation of younger, more frivolous Dwarfs. Kragg rarely emerges from the Underhalls of Karaz-a-Karak, preferring instead to labour secretly on his lore, which he jealously guards. Perhaps one day he will find a worthy successor, but so far no one has proven themselves, much to the chagrin of many an aspiring Runesmith.[1a]


  • Kragg's Hammer - Kragg's Hammer bears Kragg's Master Rune. This will be the Old Runesmith's greatest legacy to the Dwarf realms when he releases it, if he ever does. Kragg devised his rune to aid him when forging. It heats up the hammer till it glows red hot and then transfers the heat to whatever it hits. It also drives the hammer forward with crushing force. The hammer is so hot that any enemies affected by fire are affected by the hammer as if it were actually burning.
  • Kragg's Armour - Kragg's armour is forged from heavy gromril. Over the years the Runelord has laboured long and hard on it, turning each separate component into a lovingly crafted work of art.
  • Runestaff - This ancient staff of oak is adorned with the skull of a minotaur which Kragg slew while still a youth of just a hundred winters. The Skull has been coated in brass to preserve it.



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