Kislevites love a rousing tale that speaks to their passionate souls, and the Korotovsky Theatre, where the plays and grand spectacles of Kislevite legend are brought to life on the stage, is just the place for the wealthy. Run by the infamous tyrant, Vladimir Korotovsky, this grandiose and opulent building has largely fallen into disrepair, its once grand architecture appearing to be overcome by a creeping frost that seeps from the nearby Winter Gardens. The inside of the theatre is deathly cold, but far from putting off potential theatre-goers, it only seems to heighten its downmarket chic. All manner of theatrical events are put on here, and even travelling players may tread the boards in Korotovsky's theatre. There have been numerous attempts to repair the theatre; many of its rich clientele wish to see it restored to its former glory (mainly because they don’t like such a dilapidated building in the centre of the Koztowny district).[1a]


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