Named after the fabled father of all horses, Korhandir's Leap is a crystal bridge to the southwest of Tor Elyr, over the River Elyras. Said-river runs wide and deep this close to the sea, though its waters flow languid and without urgency. From here, the grassy flatlands spread before the backdrop of Tor Elyr. It is said that the bridge was built in the first days of Ellyrion.[1a] Poets told that the goddess Ladrielle had woven Korhandir's Leap from starlight and moonbeams when the gods first shaped Ulthuan for the asur. Given to the horselords in ancient times in gratitude for their aid during the coming of the daemons, it was a trysting place for the young of Tor Elyr, and the young bucks of the city would leap into the river from its crystal arches to impress their chosen fillies. The midpoint of the bridge, on the crest of the grandest arch, is wide enough for only twenty warriors to stand abreast.[1b] At the ends of the bridge can also be found twin piers of crystal carved in the shape of horses.[1c]

Small hillocks overlooking the bridge lay south from it, whilst to the north a domed hill is crowned by a circle of white waystones, each taller than two Elves.[1b] There are no other bridges to the north of Korhandir's Leap.[1a] However, further south lies a gently curved portion of the river that foams white where buried rocks break the surface. When the rains are mild, the river can be forded here, but is too deep - allegedly even for one such as Korhil - to cross. This is not the case for lightly-laden cavalrymen.[1b]


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