Light College

Konrad is one of the wizard lords of the Light College and one of the most powerful individuals many have ever met. Konrad Messner is absolutely secure and confident in his power and wisdom. This means that he has no problems admitting that there are some things he does not know and some things he cannot do. He expects others to treat him with respect and becomes annoyed if they don’t, but he returns the favour. Konrad is interested in everything; as far as he is concerned, any knowledge could be useful at some point. He will be happy for others to talk at length about their activities, and the interest he shows is genuine.[1a]

He dresses in the white robes of a Light Wizard and wears a golden Serpent of Light collar. He does not carry a staff; when he was young, it was an affectation to make him stand out, and now they just make him feel awkward. His black hair is going grey, but he still looks youthful and vigorous.[1a]

The Chaos artefact in question is in the vault of the Pyramid of Light, and Konrad can get it out in order to have it destroyed. He has two conditions before he will do it. First, he must be introduced to someone who can convince him that they are able to destroy it. Gabrielle Marsner and Wolfgang Scheunacht can both do so. Second, Gottri Hammerfist must be dealt with, so that he is no longer a threat. Otherwise, Konrad knows that the witch hunter will use his removal of a Chaos artefact from the vault as a pretext for executing him as a cultist.[1a]


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