Knut the Bloody was a legendary berserker, a mighty champion of the Blood God Khorne who hailed from the Skaeling tribelands of south Norsca.


Knut the Bloody's blood-drenched saga is rightfully regarded as legendary amongst the clans of the North. The savage warrior participated in the Great War against Chaos, and personally fought alongside the Everchosen Asavar Kul. The revered hero had also taken part in the sacking of the Kislevite city of Praag, under the leadership of the legendary warlord and fellow Norscan, Engra Deathsword.[1]

When Kul's invasion was blunted at the Battle for Kislev at the war's climax, Knut, glutted on bloodshed and slaughter, ventured northward in search of further adventure, journeying to the heart of the god-touched lands where nightmares and dreams bleed forth and become reality. During his journey, Knut fought a mighty Bloodthirster of Khorne in a battle that ended with the Champion lifting the behemoth into the air over his head, before breaking its unnatural spine over his knee.[1]

Impressed with the Norscan's god-like strength and frenzied bloodthirst, Khorne saw fit to appear before the champion and bestowed upon him the gift of daemonhood and immortality as a reward for his skill and tenacity. In the centuries since, the Saga of Knut the Bloody remains a popular and enduring tale amongst the tribes of Norsca, Knut himself remains amongst one of the most revered heroes of the Skaeling tribe.[1]


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