There are some events so horrible, so traumatic, they scar an adventurer’s mind forever. When someone is assaulted by the Knives of Memory, he relives a specific traumatic event over and over through his dreams, obsessive thoughts and in sudden, frightening moments where he actually believes he’s experiencing the event again.[1a]

In the waking hours the person broods over the details of the event, becoming depressed and irritable. He also has trouble concentrating and feels the urge to avoid friends and family. At night, his dreams become vivid, surreal and disturbing recreations of the traumatic event. Finally, when triggered by some outside stimulus that reminds him specifically of the event, the afflicted thinks he’s undergoing the traumatic event all over again.[1a][1b]

At the beginning of each day, the person must have the willpower to keep the Knives of Memory at bay. Should he fail, he has lower agility, intelligence, willpower, and ability to work as a team. That night he has terrible, twisted nightmares that may add further penalties.[1b]

When someone who suffers from the Knives of Memory encounters something that would specifically remind him of the traumatic event, he must have enough willpower to avoid believing he's actually experiencing the moment again. Some possible responses to failure include fleeing in terror, screaming incoherently, hiding, attacking the nearest person, sobbing in despair, acting out specific moments of the event (such as attempting to rescue a wounded comrade), or hallucinating unseen foes or other dangers.[1b]

A person who rants hysterically in public is sure to bring the attention of Witch Hunters. The followers of Tzeentch are particularly fascinated by this disorder, and seek to kidnap those who suffer from it for fiendish experiments.[1b]


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