"The fire will always burn, just as the courage of this elite band of men will never be extinguished."
The Knights of the Everlasting Light.[2]

The Knights of the Everlasting Light are champions of justice and lost causes, but are perhaps even better known for being a cursed order.


Foul occurrences and ill luck plague the brotherhood, but they will not speak openly of any curse nor will they speculate on how it came to be. After a series of disasters, such as fire, earthquake, and comet-strikes, the current chapterhouse is based in the city of Essen in Ostermark. They are known to polish their armour to a highly reflective shine and their primary symbol is that of a lit candle, sometimes modified to feature a forked flame. In battle, they wield enchanted lances that gleam with such luminosity that the foe cannot see to adequately defend themselves against the Templars' devastating charge. [1][2]

Hertwig's Folly

In the year 2485 at the Battle of Black Road, Wolfram Hertwig, Elector Count of the Ostermark, stubbornly refused to allow the Grand Master of the Knights of the Everlasting Light to take command of his army, though Hertwig was barely into his teens and had never commanded an army in battle. In response, Grand Master Kessler and his warriors rode back to their chapter house, leaving Hertwig's army to fight the invading Orcs without their aid. Though the greenskins were eventually defeated, the count's army suffered horrific losses and for many years, the Ostermark was dependant on aid from the armies of Ostland or Talabecland for its survival. Needless to say, Hertwig's Folly (as it has now become known) stands as a cautionary tale to those who would allow ego to blind them to the value of having the greatest warriors of the Empire fighting alongside them.[1]


  • A Knight of the Everlasting Light in full wargear
  • Portrait of a Knight of the Everlasting Light


  • Knight of the Everlasting Light Miniature


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