Knights of the Ebon Claw

Knights of the Ebon Claw

A warband with a long and notorius history, the Knights of the Ebon Claw swore allegiance to Malus Darkblade following the fall of Clar Karond. They shed no tears for their former home, decrying it as a refuge of weaklings and traitors, and pointed to its fall as proof of both accusations. They now rode in Darkblades' vanguard, little realising that this position had not been granted out of honour, but rather so that their new master could keep a close eye upon them. Darkblade was all too aware that an allegiance that shifted once could easily do so again.[1a]

Upon their arrival at Eagle Gate, the warleader of the Ebon Claw was cut down by Prince Yvarn, toppling their standard.[1b]


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