The Knights of Taal's Fury are a small knightly order most notable for being one of the few orders entirely composed of Demigryph Knights.[1a]

The Knights of Taal's Fury are dedicated to the nature god Taal, and seek to eliminate all creatures born of Chaos, whose existence they deem an affront to nature. The order is mounted entirely on demigryphs, for the beasts are considered a physical manifestation of Taal's fury. Every prospective knight travels into the wild forests of the Empire to capture a demigryph, and not all return.[2a]

The Knights of Taal's Fury typically are equipped with cavalry halberds and shields depicting the order's heraldry- a vengeful griffon. They can be counted among the most superstitious of all knightly orders, and their armour is typically adorned with a variety of totems and fetishes. Every year, the order's banners are ceremonially blessed in a rite consisting of dipping the banners in the waters of the Talabec, while raven feathers and other offerings are thrown into the water.[2a]


  • A Knight of Taal's Fury mounted on a demigryph
  • Dismounted Knights of Taal's Fury


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