The Order of the Knights Griffon are a knightly order founded by Magnus the Pious just following the Great War Against Chaos.[1a][4a] They are tasked with protecting Temples of Sigmar,[3a][4a] in particular the Holy Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf.[1a] They recruit only from the local nobility of Nuln.[2a][4a]


The Order of the Knights Griffon was first founded by Magnus the Pious shortly after the Great War Against Chaos. It was originally created from a hundred of the most courageous members of the Knights Panther who battled to liberate Praag. However, unlike the Knights Panther, the order was tasked with guarding the temple of Sigmar in Nuln, then the Imperial capital. As such, they have become regarded as templars.[1a]

At the ascension of Wilhelm III, the knights moved from the temple in Nuln to the High Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf. This move brought them into close proximity to the Order of the Fiery Heart, with whom the Knights Griffon have developed a rivalry.[1a]


Although the Knights Griffon were originally tasked with guarding "the high temple of Sigmar in the Empire's capital", a directive which caused their move from Nuln to Altdorf,[1a] their purpose has since expanded to protecting Sigmarite temples all across the Empire.[3a][4a] However, they still maintain a significant presence in Altdorf's temple, as it is their chapterhouse.[1a] They guard it with a regiment of Demigryph Knights.[4a]

Equipment and Heraldry

The Knights Griffon wear either lacquered armour of green and gold, or bright or blue steel. Many members also wear black as a sign of their association with Nuln.[1a][3a] Their horses' barding is of the same, or a deep burgundy[1a] representing the blood debt the order owes to Magnus, their founder.[4a] They often wear the skins of wild beasts (a legacy of their origins as members of the Knights Panther) and their heraldry depicts a golden griffon rampant brandishing a sword on a black field.[1a][3a][4a]


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