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The Knights Encarmine are a flamboyant, foppish band of warriors, founded by rich dilettante Frederici Tolscano of Tilea in 2310 IC.[1]


The Order is exclusively comprised entirely of the rich and privileged. However, wealth alone is not a guarantee of entry, as there are very strict and rigid guidelines concerning who may actually join the Knightly Order. Being a collection of rich and generally powerful individuals, the Knights Encarmine hold much political clout in the Empire. As such, they have the option to choose which campaigns they will take part in - often the ones which require little actual dirty work to attain the most glory.[1]

Each member of the order maintains a brilliant suit of red plate armour topped by a tricolour plumage of green, white and red. As the paint coating the armour chips away easily, the suit must be constantly repainted after each action in order to maintain appearances. Members of the Knights Encarmine eschew the "lowly" shield, as it is a "commoner's defence" to hide behind a metallic barrier in battle. Instead, the Knights Encarmine practice a secretive two sword combat technique pioneered in Tilea. One sword acts as a deflection tool, while the other strikes the deathblow.[1]

Despite their often intolerable nature, the Knights Encarmine are very welcome when battle is finally joined. As the members of the Order incessantly hone their two-sword technique, they are masters of the blade. Foes fall in droves as the red-armoured Knights plough through ranks of enemy foot troops and mounted warriors alike. As long as an Imperial general can stomach the tales of highly exaggerated bravery afterwards, the Knights Encarmine are a valuable asset to any army of the Empire.[1]


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