Kithband Warrior

Kithband Warrior

Some Elves live in secluded glades deep inside the great forests. As the taint of Chaos has become worse, these Elven lands have declined. Within the Empire few Elven communities are left, the largest being the Eonir in Laurelorn. Beneath the boughs of the forest the Elves fight a hidden battle with Beastmen and other foul creatures. Small units of warriors, known as Kithbands, take the fight to the enemy. As their name indicates, Kithbands are made up of Elves from related family groups and they fight under their clan emblems. These skilled bowmen protect the Elf settlements from the dark things of the wood. Every bow is needed to stave off the destruction of the remaining Elf lands of the Empire.[1a]


Kithband warriors who wander out into the lands of the Old World can feel like fish out of water, and may soon want for understanding company. Many men of the Empire feel rather distrustful of elves, suspicious of their fey and mysterious nature. Some of this distaste does stem from actions taken by elves, but mostly it is due to a subconscious bitterness men bear towards them because of their grace and longevity.[2a]

The priests of Taal and Rhya are more understanding. They know something of elven ways and are keen to keep on good terms with the folk of the woodland. Magisters of the Amber and Jade Colleges also tend to be less ignorant of elves than other men of the Empire.[2a]

Elven communities in human lands are not common, but there are sizeable Elven quarters in some cities, such as Marienburg and L'Anguille. While there can be friction between elves and mankind, most cities grudgingly welcome the addition of these talented strangers.[2a]


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