The King’s Glade (Fan-Eltharin: Yn Edryl Koiran) is a vast and awesome clearing, surrounded by great oak trees of immense girth and antiquity. When the Elves first penetrated into the depths of the forest, they decided to hold their councils and rituals here. Over the centuries, Spellweavers created a city among the trees around the King’s Glade. The branches of the great oaks were induced to entwine into walkways and canopies, galleries and vaults. Thus are the buildings and chambers made entirely of living trees, branches and foliage. Beneath the earth, the same methods have been used to create great hollows between the interwoven roots of the trees.[1a]

Although vast, this city is virtually invisible to the untrained eye. It merges into the forest and is easily missed by idle traveller and foe alike - much of it is either above his head or beneath his feet. Furthermore, the King's Glade is disguised by magic. An intruder in the forest can thus remain hardly aware of what is all around him and ignorant that he is being watched by Elven eyes. This is assuming he ever finds it at all. Most strangers wander aimlessly for miles until they mysteriously emerge out of the forest again.[1a]

It is from the King’s Glade that Ariel and Orion preside over the realm of Athel Loren. They do not rule alone, but with the aid of a council. There are currently fifteen lords and ladies upon this council, drawn from the hidden realms that blossom beneath the trees. To hold such a seat is a great honour, one which has been handed down, generation to generation, since the very founding of the forest. In most matters, decisions are reached and decrees issued only by full agreement of the monarchs and the council. However, this holds true only whilst Ariel allows it. No one, not even Orion, can gainsay the Mage Queen if her mind is set. This is at once the Wood Elves’ greatest strength and their most telling weakness. Whilst it grants a unity of purpose that the rulers of Naggaroth and Ulthuan sorely desire, it is a boon only when Ariel’s judgement is sound, and has cost Athel Loren greatly when her steps have faltered.[1a]


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