Ki-rin Cathay Tony Auckland 3rd Edition Black&White Illustration.png

According to the sages of Cathay, the race of Ki-rin was born of the union of Air and Earth when the world was young. The story is typical of the orient, and hence manifestly fanciful, but does reflect accurately the potency of these creatures. Ki-rin are creatures of wholly unnatural composition, although appearing not unlike normal flesh and blood. They live amongst the devastating forces of lightning, storm and thunder. Ki-rin are aerial creatures that ride the roaring winds and storm clouds, bellowing like thunder and sceaming great cracks of lightning through the disturbed air.[1a]

Ki-rin have horse-like bodies, with long, flowing manes spun with sparks of silver lightning. In the centre of the creature's forehead sprouts a long silver horn, used to impale its foes. They are occasionally ridden by powerful heroes.[1a]


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