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Khelthrai the Bloody Death

The word Khelthrai means "Bloody Death," and it is the only name by which this deadly warrior of the Dark Elves is known. Though Anethra Helbane has had slain all but a few of the Elves who know of his true origins, Khelthrai's history is one of secret pride to the Helbane family.

Youthful and ambitious, seeking more powerful allies than his own family could provide, Khelthrai killed his own mother to prove his loyalty to the Helbanes. His ruthlessness and dedication were quickly recognised and in return Anetbra had her granddaughter Ylandria induct the young Dark Elf into the cult of Executioners in Har Ganeth.

Now a highly skilled killer, the threat of Khelthrai's lethal attentions has quelled opposition to the Helbanes for many centuries, and his blade stands ever ready to dispatch those who would move against his adopted family.[1a]


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