Khatep Victory Warhammer Total War

Khatep, as depicted in Total War: Warhammer II.

Khatep, known as the Liche Lord, is the current Grand Hierophant of Khemri, and the religious head of the Mortuary Cult's hierarchical council.


Khatep is the oldest and wisest of all the Liche Priests and the first member of their order to truly deny death's embrace, if not the ravages of time. He is ancient beyond memory, cadaverous and hunched over as if he carries the weight of epochs upon his shoulders.[1a]

Following the casting of Nagash's Great Ritual, civil war threatened to destroy Nehekhara. Khatep therefore took it upon himself to restore order. He broke the magical seals of the Great Pyramid of Khemri and awoke the greatest of the Tomb Kings - Settra. At the end of the mighty incantation Settra arose and smote any who opposed him. Before long all bowed their heads to Settra, and though he sat once more upon the throne of Khemri, his wrath was great. Settra was angry foremost with the Mortuary Cult, believing they had whispered lies about the extent of their powers. In his fury, he exiled Khatep from Khemri and forbade him to set foot within any of the great cities until such a time as he could fulfill the Mortuary Cult's ancient promise and reinstate the golden age of Nehekhara. Thus, Khatep wanders the deserts in search of scrolls, inscriptions and relics of power that he believes will restore his beloved kingdom to its former glory.[1a]

Khatep roams the Land of the Dead to this day, lending his aid to the Tomb Kings when he can. When King Dhekesh of Mahrak battled with the Lizardmen of the south, their ferocity proved too great for his skeletal legions. As reptilian soldiers smashed through ranks of Skeletons, and towering war-statues were hewn by powerful magics, Mahrak stood on the brink of destruction. Then, through a whirling cloud of dust a single figure appeared and he intoned a single word that silenced the sorceries of the enemy. This stooped being then raised his copper staff, and across the battlefield the broken bones of thousands of Skeletons were whole again. The Lizardmen found themselves surrounded and outnumbered, and the sands were soon awash in their blood. Before King Dhekesh could greet the mysterious stranger, he had vanished back into the dust-storm. This and a hundred other such tales have been attributed to Grand Hierophant Khatep, the Liche Lord of Khemri.[1a]


  • The Liche Staff: This ancient copper staff is inscribed with the names of all the gods and goddesses of Nehekhara and it grants Khatep mastery of their magical power.[1a]
  • Scroll of the Cursing Word: This scroll curses those who utter vile sorceries, filing their mouths with dung beetles or replacing the air in their lungs with scorching sand.[1a]


  • Grand Hierophant Khatep calling upon the power of the Gods


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