The elite Men-at-Arms known as Karmourt's Blades are the personal pride of Baron Larieu of Kharmourt, an adjutant of the Duke of Carcassonne.


While other Bretonnian barons might field poorly-trained or under-equipped men-at-arms, his officers train two detachments of greatswordsmen in tabards of black and green – the baron's colours. Those worthies promoted to sergeants are presented with mail coats, while the two commanding veterans proudly wear their Lord's raven and toad on their breastplates. All of them brandish greatswords and know how to wield them in close ranks, never losing ground due to disorder or injury to one’s fellows. Many of Sir Larieu's fellow nobles have tried (and failed) to lure away some of his officers, hoping to train their men-at-arms to such magnificent discipline.[1a]


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