A Sorceress calling the mighty Kharibdyss from the sea depths.

The Kharibdyss is a loathsome beast of the uncharted depths, its kind seldom seen on land save when the Dark Elves goad one to war.


Untold numbers of these primeval horrors churn the murky deep off Naggaroth's western coastline, sating their hunger on any creature foolish enough to cross their path. Occasionally, a Kharibdyss can be sighted upon the broken isles of Naggaroth's western coast, tentacles writhing with slime and sea-spray as the beast hunts for tasty morsels.[1a]

The Beastmasters of Clar Karond covet the Kharibdyss as a prize beyond treasures, and only the very wealthiest can hope to acquire one. Even an army of Dark Elves would be easy prey for such a creature in its own environment, and only by employing a Sorceress to lure a Kharibdyss to the surface can a Beastmaster hope to capture one and break it to his will.[1a]

Many Beastmasters make great fanfare of having tamed a Kharibdyss, but in truth, the creatures needs little forcing into battle. It is a brutish and slow-witted beast at heart, and simply rampages wherever hunger leads it. This course of destruction must occasionally be altered by a timely swipe of the Beastmaster's scourge, lest the beast feast upon Dark Elves rather than their foes. This is not to say that unfortunate accidents do not occur if the creature is not properly trained. More than one Beastmaster has met bloody reprisal from his fellows after a Kharibdyss has eaten its way through the Naggarothi ranks — but such occurrences are few and far between.[1a]

Once broken, a Kharibdyss can be counted amongst the most formidable weapons at a Beastmaster's command. Its slimy body, adapted to resist the fantastic pressures of the ocean, is unstoppable once on land, possessing colossal strength and incredible fortitude. Smaller foes are plucked from the battlefield and swept into the Kharibdyss' maw by its crown of flailing tentacles; larger ones are entangled and held fast whilst razor-sharp teeth feast upon their succulent flesh.[1a]

The Kharibdyss' digestive juices are ferociously efficient, and can dissolve flesh, metal and bone in a matter of minutes. The gemstones, however, are curiously resistant to the attentions of the monster's gullet. Indeed, the belly of a slain Kharibdyss is often something of a treasure trove, full of whatever magical possessions adorned its victims at the moment of digestion. Such items provide some solace to a Beastmaster who is unfortunate enough to lose his Kharibdyss to battle. If he is lucky, the value of these treasures will at least partially offset the expense of acquiring a new plaything.[1a]



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