Mark of Nurgle

Kharan the Blighted was a mighty Chaos Lord of Nurgle who led one of the most devastating Chaos invasions in Bretonnian history.


In the year 2006 IC, a vast Plague Fleet, so foul that it left the sea black in its wake, made anchor off Bretonnia. They were led by the Chaos Lord Kharan the Blighted, who commanded not only his own army of Nurgle, but also a host of Khornate warbands, including the infamous Skulltakers. During what would become known as the Battle of Lamentations, the legions of Khorne and Nurgle defeated the Knights of Couronne and lay siege to the city. King Louis the Brave was slain in single combat by the Skulltaker's leader, Akrim, and roughly half of Bretonnia's knights perished in the ensuing conflict.[1][3][4]

As the gates of Couronne were about to crack under Kharan's hordes, the Bretonnan army known as the Chevaliers de Lyonesse arrived. They cleft their way through the Chaos ranks, shattering the Chaos Army until their leader, Repanse de Lyonesse was face to face with the Chaos Lord himself. When Kharan raised his great sword above his grimacing visage he was momentarily dazzled by Repanse's radiant aura, and she beheaded him with a single sword stroke. Couronne was saved and the remnants of Kharan's army were pursued to the sea and put to death.[1]


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