Keylpi is the name used by High Elves for a form of water sprite. Mostly playful, these capricious beings initially appear as a froth of white water bubbling where the placid waters of the river meet the sea. Only upon drawing nearer do onlookers see the suggestion of white horses with flowing manes cavorting in the depths of the bubbling water, and hear whinnying neighs of amusement in the surrounding foam.[1a]

Moving alongside ships, these ghostly horses of shimmering light gallop beneath the surface, their manes flowing with the current, their tails a fan of white bubbles behind them. Keylpi can prove dangerous for their supernatural allure, compelling mortals with an almost irresistible urge to ride them. Such spirits are equal parts likely to drag would-be riders to their deaths as they are to grant them an exhilarating ride. Even horses such as the Elven Steeds of Ellyrion are known to be enchanted by such a siren call.[1a]


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