The Grand Freistadt of Kemperbad is a city within the province of Reikland, said to make the finest brandy in the Empire, while holding Freistadt status.[1c][2a]

The only portion of the Reikland on the east bank of the Reik river (other than Castle Reikguard, which remains controlled by the Reikland by means of a treaty of ancient origin), Kemperbad is an old town with roots dating back to the early Emperors. Valued for its commanding position overlooking the Reik, Kemperbad has been ruled at times by the nobles of Reikland, Stirland, and Talabecland,[1a][1b] through a series of marriages, treaties, and conquests.[2a] The town finally came under the rule of the Reikland Counts during the First Millennium, but gained its charter and self-rule from Emperor Boris the Incompetent in 1066 IC. Since then, a Council of Thirteen, representing the largest merchants in town plus the temples of Sigmar and Shallya, has governed the city as a Free City.[1b]

Its position on the Reik and ability to retain its tax money for itself have made Kemperbad quite a wealthy town.[1b][2a] However, this wealth has brought ill to Kemperbad as well. As inevitably happens, organized crime has been attracted to the wealthy town. In addition to the standard array of footpads, burglars and assorted con-men, Kemperbad is home to the sinister Belladonna gang, a group of Tileans who make their money through extortion, thuggery, smuggling, and a vast array of other unsavoury activities. The Belladonna family "protection" racket preys on much of the trade between Altdorf and Nuln.[1b] In addition, nearby nobles look upon Kemperbad with envy, in some cases going so far as to send agents and agitators into Kemperbad, hoping to destabilize the town.[2a]

The merchants of Kemperbad are legendary for dressing ostentatiously to an absurd degree,[2a] never more so than during Stilwoche, the city's Fashion Week.[3a]


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