Prince Kazrik, also known as Prince Zaki - The "Mad Prince", was the son of the famed Dwarf King Kazador and heir to the throne of Karak Azul.


When the barbaric forces of Gorfang Rotgut infiltrated Karak Azul, Kazrik rallied its defenders. Although the Orcs were eventually driven out, they took many captives, including many of Kazrik's own kin. The Prince suffered a fate far worse. Captured along with his kinfolk in the King's own throne room, the young Dwarf Prince was not taken captive but shaved, tortured and nailed firmly to Kazador's throne as a gesture of contempt.[1]

Although he was eventually rescued, Kazrik's mind was all but broken by the ordeal. Lost in a haze of madness, Kazrik's grief-stricken father had him kept within a single room of the hold, guarded at all times. Kazrik had been given the name Prince Zaki, meaning the Mad Prince.[1]

Kazrik was last seen during a battle between the Skaven of Clan Mors, the Orcs of Black Crag and a small band of Dwarfs. Having interrupted a duel between Gorfang Rotgut and Queek Headtaker, the mad Prince became engaged in his own fight with the Orc Warboss. He was last seen striking out with a pair of gleaming axes, while dodging the heavy blows of his massive opponent.[1]

Alas, as Gorfang would later re-appear to trouble the Dawi once more, it can only be assumed that he was the victor of that fateful duel...[1]


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