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Not to be confused with Tzarina Katarin Bokha.

Kattarin the Bloody was the infamous Lahmian Vampire ruler of Kislev,[1a] reigning from 785–941 (2309-2465 IC) for a total of a hundred and fifty-six years.[2a] She had only one son, Tsarevich Pavel, who was born sometime before her transformation as a Vampire. The Kalashinivik family bear her unholy lineage to this day in Praag.[1a]


Not much is known about Kattarin's riegn as Tzarina of Kislev, but her transformation into a Vampire must've happened sometime later in her reign, as she bore a son named Pavel, and Vampire's don't produce children.[1a]At some point in time, Kattarin was subordinate to her mother-in-darkness, Queen Neferata. However, Kattarin led the charge which saw a splinter-faction of the Lahmian Sisterhood to defy the will of Neferata. Kattarin was the first Lahmian Vampire to rule a kingdom of humans openly, rather than some ill-defined and disitant time when Neferata deemed it right.[1c]

The Kislevite's ignorance of Vampires had allowed Tzarina Kattarin to keep her rulership of the country even after she became a Vampire publicly. The Kislevites have a long tradition of magic-wielding Ice Witches holding positions of power, so a pale and beautiful woman with magical abilities holding the throne was not without precedent.[1a] At some point she performed a secretive and bloody massacred on the population of the City of Kislev, which earned her her epithet.2b Her reign was ended when the country’s Boyars, instead of realizing the threat a bloodthirsty Vampire might impose upon their kingdom, actually cared more that having an immortal ruling them meant nobody else would ever rise to the top, and they would be reduced to squabbling amongst themselves for greater shares of power. An alliance lead by Tsarevich Pavel finally dealt with Kattarin.[1a] According to legend, a Hawthorn stake was used to end her reign once and for all, and that agents of her own Sisterhood came and aided her downfall.[1b] Her corpse, frozen on a block of ice[2a] is still on display in the Frost Palace as a warning to other Vampires. For their part, the foul creatures of the night have taken her as a symbol of the danger of displaying their power before the world was ready to kneel before it.[1a]


Her Vampiric nature is less well known, but she is famed for her blood-soaked reign. After trying to resist her need to feed for many months, she went insane and slaughtered thousands of her own people, as well as countless soldiers of the Empire. She was eventually killed by agents of the Lahmian Sisterhood, but her corpse remains preserved in a great block of ice, and there are many who would love to see her returned to power in the frozen north.[1d]


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