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Arch Lector Kaslain.[1]

Kaslain was a zealous Warrior Priest of Sigmar and an Arch Lector of Nuln[3a] in the Sigmarite Church.


Each Grand Theogonist traditionally has two Arch Lectors under his command: tough and astute men who are as home in the Electoral Halls of the Empire's great cities as they are on the battlefield. Arch Lector Kaslain is no exception. When asked if his preference is for civic politics or open war, he invariably chooses the latter, where cracking an enemy's head open and spilling his brains on the ground is seen as a perfectly acceptable way to settle a dispute.[1a]

Kaslain is a tall man and physically strong – mighty enough to wield his symbol of office, the Reikhammer, as its creator intended. The Reikhammer is the brother-weapon to the famed Mace of Helsturm; an heirloom of the cult that is currently in the possession of Kaslain's opposite number, Arch Lector Aglim. Forged by the very first Grand Theogonist, Johann Helsturm, the two magically blessed artefacts have been passed down from generation to generation ever since. In these times of strife, it is rare for either of these great weapons to stay unbloodied for long.[1a]

An Arch Lector must be strong of mind as well as in body. Kaslain is as loyal a supporter as Volkmar could have ever wished for, and his level-headed council has many times saved the Grand Theogonist from teaching impudent Imperial courtiers a lesson with his fists. It is Kaslain's fervent believe in the divine might of Sigmar that makes him such a formidable weapon against the darkness. When his battle rage is upon him, Kaslain exudes a wrath that manifests as an aura of blazing white light, burning away the shrouding shadows that hide his foes from sight.[1a]

The Cursed Fortress

Arch Lector Kaslain accompanied the Grand Theogonist and his army on their holy crusade into the dark realm of Sylvania. Here, the Warrior Priest proved instrumental in conquering the dreaded Fort Oberstyre.[1]

When the Sigmarite host reached the fortresses' gate, luminescent ghosts began to circle the spires above. They threatened terrible deaths in shrieking voices as the War Altar of Sigmar was hauled across the gatehouse's mouldering drawbridge. Volkmar paid them no heed. He gestured impatiently for Kaslain to approach the gate. In response, the armoured priest bowed once and unslung a great relic from his back - the Reikhammer; an ancient weapon forged in the dawn of the Empire.[1]

The Arch Lector swung the glowing hammer in a few practice arcs before bringing it round with a roar of effort, two cometary streams of light trailing behind it. The weapon's broad metal head slammed hard into the metre-thick Sylvanian oak of the gate, blasting it to splinters with a deafening boom. A curtain of dust and dried blood cascaded the walls, the zealots below cheering in equal measure. Volkmar gave no more than a curt nod; he had expected nothing less.[1]

The night that the crusaders entered Fort Oberstyre was long and fraught. However, by the time morning arrived, not a single evil soul dwelt within the fortress walls. Oberstyre's centuries-old curse had finally been lifted.[1]

End Times

Attention, Empire Citizens!
This article contains information regarding the End Times, the actual canon ending of Warhammer.

During the events of the End Times, Kaslain rose to become the new Grand Theogonist of the Sigmarite Church, after Volkmar was slain in the ritual to resurrect Nagash.[2]



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