Like most Dwarfs, Karstin entered the family business by becoming her father's apprentice.[1a] Her skill and natural ability enabled her to quickly become a full-fledged member of the Jewellers' Guild. Her exquisite jewellery became the rage of Marienburg's high society, and was even compared to the work of the masters from the Dwarf Empire of Karaz Ankor. Naturally, others in the Guild, among them Dwarf artisans, grew jealous of Karstin and her rapidly growing fortune.[1b]

While certain members of the Jewellers' Guild began plotting against her, Director Arkat Fooger also took interest in his clanswoman and second cousin. He saw in Karstin a very keen mind and a fierce determination to succeed. He also knew of the plot brewing within the Jewellers' Guild. Arak needed to place talented and trustworthy individuals in critical positions to ensure that his financial empire would survive the machinations of certain Marienburg Directors. As Clan Elder, Arkat summoned Karstin to his offices in Guilderveld to put forward a business proposal.[1b]

Karstin agreed to Arkat's conditions and began her training under his watchful eye – and the second Elder of the clan, Waltonius Goldbeard, took note of yet another rival. Karstin proved to be a quick learner, and soon found herself sailing up the Reik to Altdorf as Foogler's clan representative in the Empire. Her first task was to open new offices in the Bankbezirk quarter of the city and establish contact with the Karaz Ankor embassy.[1b]

She may be encountered usually in the mercantile district of Reiksmarkt, just upriver from the docks, where she conducts most of her business. Karstin has found extending Fooger's insurance business a little rough going, with the Imperial merchants whose understanding of business needs and market conditions is somewhat less sophisticated than that of their Marienburg counterparts. Adventurers seeking employment may find themselves hired by Karstin to escort a merchant convoy, as protection against bandits and Goblins - or worse. Some may even be hired as Karstin's bodyguards, since the extension of Fooger's financial empire to the Empire is not without opposition. Some adversaries may be local, while others will be hired by those Marienburg Directors who would profit from Fooger's collapse.[1b]


Karstin carries a sword with Master Rune of Swiftness and Rune of Cleaving, a medallion with Rune of Warning, and jewellers' tools.


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