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Karra with Her stolen Bolt Pistol

Karra Lakota is an Amazonian. Her whole life has been a tale of rebellion, intransigence and laziness. When she was 25 her mother forced her to leave home and join the Kalim Devouts.

The Devouts serve the all-powerful Amazonian Sisterhood. Life amongst the Kalim is arduous, exhausting and unremitting. Karra was miserable, again and again, she came into conflict with her superior and time and again, she would be punished with even more work and even longer hours.

Eventually, she was contacted by an underground subversive Kalimist faction. Their opposition to authority appealed to her and she became a member.

Karra was posted at Rigg's Shrine when she became involved in an ambitious plot. The Queen was about to visit the shrine and the faction planned to blow up the entire building. Long before the plan reached fruition someone informed the Sisterhood of the Conspiracy and Karra was tipped off. She stole a Bolt Pistol, several magazines of ammunition and fled into the jungle, winding up in the Norscan coastal village of Iquitos; she hates the place, as she cannot abide by the Norse, nor their chauvinistic attitudes.[1a]

Adventures with the Magnificent Sven


Karra eventually finds herself in the Service of the Magnificent Sven, who is living out his exile in Lustria with his personal Ironclad "The Voltsvagn". While drinking at the deserted Iquitos Inn long into the night with a Norse Dwarf Juggo Joriksonn, Sven is approached by a Norscan Wizard Aygar Mistletaine, who informs the Dwarfs that a nearby town of Vastervik is under attack by a renegade band of Lizardmen and pleads for his help in saving the townsfolk in exchange for all the money the town can muster. Sven agrees and ropes Juggo into being his first mate. The trio rushes out of the bar to find recruits for their adventure, but Iquitos is almost deserted, as a large expedition has recently left, taking with it all of the free-lance fighters. He tries everywhere but only manages to find 12 hungover Norscan BerserkersKarl Ustracutter (one of the aforementioned hungover Berserkers) and Riolta Snow (an Elf Archer from Lothern). With promises of adventure, fame (and more drink) Sven rallies a ragtag force to his banner and they make haste back to his Ironclad.

Karra Lakota stayed on the Voltsvagn to guard the ship, but as Sven and his crew rush aboard, they find that She is fast asleep and she doesn't wake up until the early hours of the morning. By this time the Voltsvagn is already halfway to Vastervik. She protests loudly about being involved in such a venture but is quckly ignored when a stowaway is discovered: Raidocks Timmowit, a Halfling and an old acquaintance of Sven, who begrudgingly becomes the final member of their ragtag crew.

Being an Amazon, Karra is largely indifferent to Vastervik's fate. She complains bitterly at the high handed way she was involved in the conflict. She does not, however, want to seem an utter coward. She has grown fond of Sven and would like to impress Riolta Snow. Just like Juggo, Sven's first mate, Karra also knows how to sail the Voltsvagn and together the group go onto save the village of Vastervik from the Slann and embark on many more perilous and profitable adventures.[1]



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