Karlos of Kislev is an interrogator for hire. Many stumble into the job of interrogator due to a certain unconcern for the pain of others and a reasonable talent for inflicting it. The world often asks an individual to be either the producer of pain, or the bearer of it, and it's hardly unnatural that many choose the latter. Sometimes, however, there are those who seem born to the task.[1a]

Karlos is an artist, surrounded by brutes. While others would use pain as a means to an end, to him, the pain was the end, and the act of interrogation the most dull and banal part of the job. He has drifted from employer to employer – always hired for his expertise, always dismissed for his unconcern with actually discovering information.[1a]

He has worked with witch hunters, but even they dismiss him, because he doesn't even put up a front of caring about heretics or magic. He just wants the ability to earn money doing what he loves – hurting people.[1a]

Karlos can be found almost anywhere in the Old World, plying his trade for whoever will employ him. If he encounters a fellow interrogator, he may decide to test them to see if they have the same spark he does, and pass along his skills if they do. If they don't... well... sometimes he works for free.[1a]


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