This group of racketeers, extortionists, highwaymen, and conmen control illicit activities in a variety of small, forgettable towns in Wissenland. Known criminals began disappearing, much to the relief of the locals, until the activity continued with new faces all talking about mandatory membership in the Karkhazhof League. Some commonfolk assume by the name that Grey Mountain Dwarfs might be at the heart of this.[1a]

Coach robbery rarely happens on roads among these towns – though folk who forego League protection often vanish between towns, along with all goods and coaches. Many businesses among these villages see greater trade these days, thanks to the League – but those who don't pay extortions lose goods or teeth, if not trading partners. Local law enforcement seldom captures League associates – since the League keeps select militia paid off with prostitutes and bribes.[1a]

In secret, the League is the shadow of House Bremel's business networks in southern Wissenland. Lord Siegfried Bremel is the much-rumoured but never seen "Imrak Karkhazhof" whose orders funnel through his eight lieutenants using ever-changing and discreet communications (hired messengers, hunters, outlaws, and vagabonds). Each lieutenant controls one aspect of League activity in one town, and none strives for more. The last greedy lieutenant grabbing for power ended up hanging by his own entrails outside a tavern over a year ago. Siegfried enjoys his game, both for the illicit profits and as the secret goad in the side of his lawful elder brother whose knights he easily leads astray.[1a]


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