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Middle Mountains

A map detailing the Middle Mountains

Karaz Ghumzul was a short lived Dwarf realm in the Middle Mountains during their Golden Age.


Karaz Ghumzul was founded during the period in which the dwarfen empire expanded across much of the Old World. During the War of Vengeance, the realm declared its independence from the Karaz Ankor.[1a]

When the Time of Woes began, the dwarfs abandoned their hold and fled the Middle Mountains to return to Karaz Ankor. They sealed the doors, buried them under rock, and destroyed the roads that led to it. To this day, the Dwarfs will not say what drove their people from Karaz Ghumzul, but, as they left the mountains near where Castle Lenkster now stands, the Dwarf priests pronounced a curse on the mountains and everything within them. Since then, many prospectors and adventurers have searched for the lost Dwarf mines, but none have succeeded, unless they are among those who have never returned.[1a]


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