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Although the most northerly of the major Dwarf realms is Karak Kadrin, there used to be another hold situated on the southern side of the High Pass. Karak Vlag was famed for its quality of stone-masonry. It had vast qualities of iron ore in the rocks below its walls. The blacksmiths of Karak Vlag were among the best in Karaz Ankor, some say even as good as the blacksmiths of the High King in Karaz-a-Karak.[1][2]


Karak Vlag (“Desolation Hold”) was the northernmost Dwarfhold of Karaz Ankor. Situated just south of the High (Belyevorota) Pass that separates Kislev from its Farside colonies, the hold was famed for its ironsmiths, and the vast quantities of iron ore it mined beneath the nearby granite peaks. The ironsmiths’ greatest work was the hold’s great outer gates, upon which wrought-iron dragons were interwoven with scenes of battle depicting ancient legends of the time when the Dwarfs drove the great beasts from their caves around the newly founded hold.[2a]

Karak Vlag did not fall to the Orc and Goblin hordes. It was positioned far from the onslaught that forced the Dwarfs out of Karak Ungor and Karak Varn, and the hold’s massive fortifications deterred the comparatively small groups of greenskins that came this way. When the most serious attack came nearly 750 years later, the watchtowers built into the rocky pinnacles along the approach, linked by hidden stairs cut through the rock, gave the Dwarfs plenty of warning. After a furious fight, the Orcs penetrated the upper halls, but their forces were split by strategically dropped iron portcullises. The Dwarfs eliminated the pockets of invaders one by one.[2a]

For over 2200 years since the coming of Sigmar, Karak Vlag remained a remote, yet integral, part of the remaining Dwarf Empire. But the strength of its fortifications and the determination of its defenders were not sufficient to stave off the hand of Chaos. In 2301 I.C., a huge Incursion of Chaos flooded southward along the Worlds Edge Mountains. Karak Vlag was engulfed. After the Great War Against Chaos, Dwarf scouts from Karaz-a-Karak searched for Karak Vlag, but no trace remained. It was as if Karak Vlag had never existed. While some loremasters may harbour suspicions about its fate, Karak Vlag is not a topic spoken of by any Dwarf.[2a]


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