Dwarf alrik

King Alrik Ranulfsson of Karak Hirn.

Karak Hirn, known as the "Hornhold" in Khazalid, is the most important Dwarf kingdom in the Black Mountains between Tilea and the southern borders of The Empire. A young and growing kingdom with many vassal fiefdoms surrounding it, this hold was settled slowly, and only grew in relative importance after the near-collapse of the old Dwarf Empire. Some of the cities that make up this hold are built on the mountain's side, and a few are even exposed to the air. Due to its position in the Black Mountains, this hold is not connected to the Underway, and so must be approached via overground roads, therefor passing through treacherous mountain passes and cliff-hanging tracks. Rich deposits of precious metals and iron are found here, but there are only a few lodes of the more rare metals and gems. None of the strongholds and cities of Karak Hirn have become wealthy or powerful enough to rival the great kingdoms and empires of the Worlds Edge Mountains. However, it is closer and more accessible to the markets of the Empire and Tilea and acts as a trading center and market for imported wares from the ancient holds in the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Karak Hirn is also called the Hornhold, because of the huge mountaintop cavern that when wind blows through, creates a natural effect that projects a terrifying blast of sound through the mountains. The Dwarfs have exploited this natural phenomenon by constructing additional sounding chambers, and massive doors that they can open and close to change the pitch and duration of the sound. The mountain's horn is used to signal to both smaller kingdoms and outlying cities, summon warriors and frighten away simple creatures such as Trolls.


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