Not to be confused with Kadon the Strigoi

"The reason that Kadon succeeded in binding monsters where other mages failed was a simple one: rather than attempting to suppress his catspaw's primal instincts, Kadon embraced it. Kadon's scrolls of binding therefore stand in testament to an uncomfortable truth: that a primitive mind might work wonders where the careful reasoning of a more sophisticated one would surely fail. This thought is uncomfortable for any Elf to entertain but, if Ulthuan is to endure, its loremasters can no longer underestimate the magic of humans simply because the humans themselves are inferior."

Kadon was a powerful Amber Wizard who created the famed Scroll of Binding.


There is a fairly persistent legend that Kadon met his end when a pack of Chaos Warhounds broke free of his control and slaked their bloodthirst on his flesh. Whilst there are many tales that purport to recount Kadon's final hours - most have turned out instead to refer to luckless apprentices - this one has the proper "too clever for his own good" ring to it, so may hold a kernel of truth.


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