Ka-Sabar, the Temple of Sorrow, is one of the major city-states of ancient Nehekhara. Hidden amongst the dunes, it is said to be covered in glyphs carved by beings older than Nehekhara itself.[1a]

Before the ritual of Nagash, Ka-Sabar was known as the City of Bronze, so called for being the center of mining and smithing in Nehekhara.[2a]

The people of Ka-Sabar were known for their great size of nearly seven feet tall, and its warriors had skin hard enough that arrows shattered against them. These warriors were assembled into the formidable Legion of Bronze, led by the lion-bodied Ushabti of Geheb.[2a]

Ka-Sabar was one of the first cities to oppose Nagash, fighting under the leadership of King Akhmen-hotep. Despite several major engagements and near-victories, Akhmen-hotep's forces were ultimately betrayed by his brother Memnet, the Grand Hierophant of Ka-Sabar, and was subsequently destroyed by Arkhan the Black. Memnet would rule Ka-Sabar in Nagash's name until the victorious armies of united Nehekhara's campaign to destroy the last of the necromancer's immortals, though by that time the city had suffered for decades and was all but ruined.[2a]

In later days, the Arabyans settled the ruins of the city.[3a] It is not known if they still remain there or have been driven off by the undead Tomb Kings.


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