In hidden groves deep in the jungle, is to be found a plant so rare that an entire caste of Skinks is dedicated to locating and harvesting it. The Jungle Lotus is a plant of magical aspects that grows only in the wild, for not even the magic of the Slann can force it to grow elsewhere.[1a]

An intruder stumbling into a grove in which the jungle lotus grows will be overcome by the heady aromas, to drift into a dream of other planes of existence. His flesh will become one with the loamy soil from which the plant draws its sustenance. It is even said that the victim's life essence is taken up into the plant as well, and is the source of its mystical nature.[1a]

The Lizardmen treasure the jungle lotus greatly, for it has a singular effect upon the metabolism of the Slann. Once a grove is located, the Skinks carefully gather a crop, from which is prepared using secret methods a unique, magical concoction. This is burned in censers in the eternity chambers of the Slann, allowing them to enter the deepest of meditations. It is said that when they inhale the fumes of the jungle lotus the Slann shed the manacles of their earthly existence and their spirits soar free to ends of the universe. Such spirit-journeys make take minutes or decades, with the Slann entirely unaware of how much time has passed in the physical world while they are engaged upon their quests for the Old Ones.[1a]

Aside from the Slann, the only creatures capable of inhaling the fumes of the jungle lotus without their spirit fleeing their body never to return are the Saurus Temple Guard. For this reason, the Slann's chamber is sealed airtight before the lotus is burned, and any Skink attendant seeking entry will only do so in the direst of circumstances.[1a]


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