"And to tell of the Juggernaut: its like has never been seen. ’Twas a mighty steed of groaning iron and brazen steel, a thing of living metal that stood taller than a man and roared with the furies of a thousand, thousand dead. Its massive head was part hound, part bull, part the incarnate soul of bloody hate. As it moved toward us we saw its countless close-rivetted plates, forged in dark fires, bound with runes of unearthly spite. As it bared its brazen fangs we lost all heart and turned, fleeing to the night."
Liber Malefic.[2a]

A mighty Juggernaut of Khorne.

Known as Blood Crushers, Soul Crushers, Feet of Khorne, Juggers, and Blights of Khorne, the Juggernauts are a mix of Daemon and machine, used as mounts by the mightiest of Champions.


These four-legged beasts blend the features of canine and bull but are covered in profane armour formed of a fused mass of flesh, bone and metal. Though they may look more machine than beast, beneath this heavy Khorne-marked armour is the war hungry heart of a vicious Daemon. When encountered alone, it is because their rider was slain. A loose Juggernaut could wipe out an entire village to say nothing of a small force of adventurers.[1a]


  • Juggernaut Concept Art


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